Scale Models Club Bulgaria

Welcome to the Scale Models Club Bulgaria's site!

Scalemodelling is a development of small-scale miniatures and is a rewarding and interesting hobby for all ages.

Many supporters of the hobby gather in various cities around the shops, pubs and cafes to discuss and share their interests and achievements. Modellers in Sofia started to gather in a shop in "Mladost" and decided to make the next step. To make the club and organize regular exhibitions, which to be visited by other modellers from different parts of the country. Their goal was to promote and develop their favorite hobby in order to fill the gap between the already existing workshops and clubs. They made this step together with the site, where they were guests for 5 years.

On October 6, 2006 was conducted Constituent Assembly, which was discussed and approved statutes of the "Scale Models Club Bulgaria". It is written that the main objectives of the club are promoting the development of scale-modelling in Bulgaria, presentation and protect the interests of scale-modelling fans before the state and municipal authorities in the country and also to use the opportunities of scale-modelling for educating youth. Listed are the means of achieving objectives.

Soon after its establishment and organization of the first exhibition "Scale Models Club Bulgaria" went around the world. The first visited exhibition was Belgrade and that opened new horizons and opportunities. Then they followed many European destinations and managed to make many friends in Serbia, Greece, Hungary and Turkey and to bring them to Bulgarian exhibitions. Furthermore, the club and its individual members restored exhibits of historical significance in NMMH and the Museum of Aviation in Krumovo. Detailed you can get acquainted with the activities and events of the club of our new website.

Association "Scale Models Club Bulgaria" thanks to its founders, former and current members for their contribution and for the great times spent with our hobby.

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