Scale Models Club Bulgaria

XVI-th open competition for scale models

"Scale Models Club Bulgaria" organizing the Sixteenth open competition for scale models (all scales and categories).

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Venue: Sofia, 158 Geo Milev str., Todor Kableshkov University Of Transport, "Jubilee" hall

GPS: 42.68012840561989, 23.381507992744446

Date and time: October 15 and 16, 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)

Discussion for exhibition: Forum


  Part „Beginners”

    B01: Aircrafts 1/144, 1/100, 1/72

         I.  Boris Simeonov with Zvezda 1/144 Airbus A350-900 Air Caraibes from Zvezda
         II.  Aleksandar Kostov with MiG-29A Fulcrum from Italeri
         III.  Ivan Metodiev with Buccaneer S Mk.2B from Revell

    B02: Aircrafts 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Kamen Sirakov with F-4U Corsar from Revell

    B03: Military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Martin Getov with T-34,ISU-157,IS-3,ZiS,

    B04: Military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Maksim Krantev with Panther tank from Tamiya

    B06: Ships

         I.  Boris Simeonov with USS New York LPD21 from Trumpeter

    B07: Cars

         I.  Aleksandar Kostov with ATs-40(130)-63B

    B08: Figures

         I.  Maksim Krantev with Spartan Warriorr

    B10: Public transport

         I.  Viktor Dzhurov with Metrostantsia "Biznes park"

  Part „Advanced”

    C01: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/144

         I.  George Dorohoi with Avia B.354 4th serie 7./LLG 1, Eastern front, winter from Eduard
         II.  Lyudmil Popov with AVIA B-534 "Dogan" from Eduard
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with FW 190 D-9 from Eduard
         III.  Hristo Krumov with Polikarpov I-16 from Zvezda
         III.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Focke Wulf 190D-9 from Eduard

    C02: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/72

         I.  Milan Radulovic with SM.79 from Italeri
         I.  Lyudmil Popov with AERO MB-200 "Buhal" from Kopro
         I.  Krasimir Stefanov with VBS Kunkadlo from Eduard
         II.  Dimitar Engibarov with PZL-24 from Azur
         II.  Radu Zinca with A5M2b Claude
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with A5m2b Claude
         III.  Ventsislav Gramatski with Dewoitine D.520 from RS Models
         III.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with P 48 Lightning from Academy

    C03: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/48

         I.  Milan Radulovic with He-219 from Tamiya
         I.  Krasen Georgiev with Phönix D.I from Special Hobby
         I.  Krasimir Stefanov with Z-226 Trener from Eduard
         I.  Mihai Cianu with F4U-1A from Tamiya
         I.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Douglas B-26B-50 Invader from ICM
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Roland C.II from Revell
         III.  Bogdan Ionete with FW Ta152 C-0 from Hobby Boss
         III.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with Ju-52 from Revell
         III.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Lockheed P-38 Lightning from Tamiya

    C04: Jet aircrafts 1/144

         I.  Dimitar Engibarov with B-1B Lancer from Academy
         II.  Hristo Krumov with North American F-86A "Sabre"
         III.  Dinel Aris with Be 200ES from Zvezda

    C05: Jet aircrafts 1/72

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Tu-128 from Trumpeter
         I.  Krasimir Stefanov with Jet Provost T.3 from Airfix
         II.  Dimitar Engibarov with T-2C Buckeye
         II.  Dan Vasilescu with F-16 A Block 20 MLU from Hasegawa
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with A-7 Corsair II from Hobby Boss
         III.  Bogdan Ionete with MiG-21 PFM VPAAF 1968 from Eduard
         III.  Stavros Koulaxidelis with F-22A from Revell
         III.  Kourtis Theodoros with T-33 from Italeri

    C06: Jet aircrafts 1/48

         I.  Milan Radulovic with A-4M Skyhawk from Hasegawa
         I.  Bica Paul with Horten 229 from Оловянный парад
         I.  Panagiotis Kavathas with A-6E Intruder from Hobby Boss
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Yak 23 from Bilek
         II.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with MiG-25 RBT from ICM
         III.  Ivan Miloievich with Su-17 m4 from Kopro
         III.  Stavros Koulaxidelis with A-7E Corsair II from Hasegawa
         III.  Viktor Vladimirov with Mikoyan MiG-29SMT/Mikoan MiG-29SMT from GreatWall Hobby

    C07: Aircrafts 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Valentin Petrov (valko-bg) with Letov S-328 "Vrana" from HPH
         I.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with Mig-29 9.12 Balgarski VVS from Trumpeter
         I.  Krasimir Stefanov with DAR "Uzunov-1"
         II.  Milan Radulovic with Bf-108 from Eduard
         II.  Ioannis Giavasis with Messerschmit Bf109-E4 from Eduard
         II.  Tetsios George with Arado Ar 196 A3 from Revell
         II.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Sopwith Snipe from Wingnut Wings
         III.  Stavros Koulaxidelis with F-104G from Italeri
         III.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with Eurofighter Typhoon twin seater from Revell

    C08: Civil airplanes - all scales

         I.  Radu Zinca with Zlin Z-37A Cmelak from Eduard
         I.  Valentin Petrov (valko-bg) with Antonov An-2 from Hobby Boss
         I.  Aleksandar Valerianov (barlio) with Antonov An-10 from Eastern Express
         II.  Krasimir Stefanov with Boeing 747-8F Cargolux from Revell
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with An 2 from Trumpeter
         III.  Dimitar Yanchev with Boeing 747-8i from Revell
         III.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Iliushin Il 76 TD from Zvezda

    C09: Helicopters - all scales

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Mil Mi-26 from Zvezda
         I.  Lyudmil Popov with Ka-29 from Zvezda
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with UH-1C "Huey" from Academy
         II.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with AS-565Mbe Panther Balgarski VMS from Trumpeter
         II.  Krasen Georgiev with UH-34D Choctaw from Hobby Boss
         III.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with AH 47 from Academy
         III.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Ah-1G Cobra from Special Hobby
         III.  semeistvo Stoinevi with LINX AH 11B from Hobby Boss

    C10: Wheeled military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with URAL-43203 Comand Vehicle + KUNG from ICM
         I.  Dimitris Kolios with S-400 from Zvezda
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with BM 30 Smerch from Modelcollect
         II.  Ivailo Aleksandrov with Oshkosh M-ATV M1240 MRAP
         III.  Vaggelis Kavakis with BTR-80 from Trumpeter
         III.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with German MAN KAT 1 M1013 from Modelcollect

    C11: Wheeled military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Bogdan Ionete with Minerva Armoured Car
         I.  Krasen Georgiev with Zundapp KS 750 with Sidecar
         II.  Mihai Cianu with U.S. GMC CCKW-352 from Hobby Boss
         II.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with M-1151 Hamvi Balgarski Suhopatni Voiski
         II.  Angel Iovchev with D.A.K. Windwagen
         III.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Stryker M1132 from Trumpeter
         III.  Kalin Merodiiski with Opel Blitz 2,5-32S from ICM
         III.  Gabriel Szeitz with Gaz AAA from Zvezda

    C12: Tracked military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with Ferdinand from Zvezda
         I.  Krasen Georgiev with Sherman M4A4 from UM
         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with M4 High Speed Tractor from Hobby Boss
         II.  George Dorohoi with WWII E-75 Flakpanzer with Flak 55 from Modelcollect
         III.  Vaggelis Kavakis with T-35 from Zvezda
         III.  Mariniac Liviu with Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H from Revell
         III.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with ISU-122 from Zvezda

    C13: Tracked military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Razvan Patrascu with Sdkfz 4.1 from Italeri
         I.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with Savetski T-62 v Afganistan from Trumpeter
         II.  George Dorohoi with Sd. Kfz. Panzerjäger Ferdinand from Italeri
         II.  Kalin Merodiiski with StuG III Ausf.G ot sastava na ShtAO na BA 1944 g. from Dragon
         III.  Angel Dimitrov with T-55A from Miniart
         III.  Vaggelis Kavakis with KV-2 from Zvezda
         III.  Kalin Merodiiski with Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.G from Dragon

    C14: Artillery - all scales

         I.  Krasen Georgiev with Skoda 100mm vz 14 Howitzer from IBG
         I.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Holt 75 & BL 8inch Howitzer from Roden
         II.  Krasimir Stefanov with SKM 18 Typ 2
         II.  Eremia Gabriel with Flack 37 Anti-Aicraft gun from Tamiya
         III.  Bogdan Ionete with Lancia 3RO 100/17 100mm Howitzer from IBG
         III.  George Dorohoi with V-2 - WWII German Single Stage Ballistic Missile from Takom

    C15: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/144, 1/72

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with Bahnhof from Hobby Boss
         II.  Stefan Stefanov with Balon "Solun"
         III.  Victor-Stefan Dumitrescu with Flak 88 from Zvezda
         III.  Lucian Ion with Special delivery from Revell

    C16: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Gabriel Szeitz with Opel Blitz from ICM
         I.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Vought F-4U 1D Corsair from Tamiya
         I.  Venelin Golev with El Alamein
         II.  Dimitris Mpatzianouliss with WIKING DIVISION HUNGARY 1945
         II.  Mariniac Liviu with Zis 3 & Crew from Zvezda
         II.  Lucian Ion with F-14 Tomcat pre-flight checks from Tamiya
         III.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Voroshilovets & B-4(203mm) from Trumpeter
         III.  Kalin Merodiiski with Na otdih

    C17: Figures up to 60 mm height

         I.  Victor-Stefan Dumitrescu with Waffen SS Soldier
         I.  Dan Andrita with Drakkar Raider (AD750) from Andrea Miniature
         II.  Radu Ionescu with Quarantine
         II.  Ivailo Antonov with Lord of Contagion from Game Workshop Comp.
         III.  Tetsios George with Union Soldier - American Civil War
         III.  Venelin Golev with Trakiiski lek peltast

    C18-1: Busts

         I.  Dan Andrita with Templar Knight
         II.  Eremia Gabriel with U-boot Kommandant
         II.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Randal
         III.  Radu Ionescu with Gandhi

    C18: Figures over 60 mm height

         I.  Dan Andrita with BYZANTINE INFANTRY OFFICER 7th-11th Century
         I.  Venelin Golev with Broin Bearson
         II.  Todor Doichev (terminashka) with Star Wars C3P0 from Bandai
         II.  Ivailo Antonov with CHAOS PRIME THE RED ANGEL
         III.  Viktoria Maleeva with Tsar Kaloyan
         III.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Samurai
         III.  Andrei Rozhdestvenskii with Shogun ot 16 vek from Pegaso

    C19: Cars, Trucks, Motocycles

         I.  Velo Velev with Ferrari 250 GTO from Fujimi
         I.  Eremia Gabriel with Studebaker US6/U4 Civilian Workshop Truck from ICM
         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Porsche 911 Carrera RSR from Model Factory Hiro
         II.  Christos Batzeliotis with TOYOTA GR SUPRA from Tamiya
         III.  Anastasios Briamis with RC211V HONDA from Tamiya
         III.  Bozhidar Stamenov (bstamenov83) with Peugeot 206 WRC from Tamiya

    C20: Sailing ships

         I.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with HMS Victory from Heller
         II.  Tiberiu Tudor with DRAKKAR

    C21: Ships with engines

         I.  Simionescu Ovidiu with S-100 Schnellboot from Revell
         I.  Eremia Gabriel with D.K.M. Z - 30 from Trumpeter
         II.  George Roumbos with S-7 Schnellboot from Airfix
         III.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with USSR NAVY SOVREMENNY CLASS TYPE 956 from Trumpeter

    C22: Submarines

         I.  Lyudmil Popov with Podvodnitsa "Slava" - 84 from Trumpeter
         I.  Simionescu Ovidiu with U-boot XIII from Trumpeter
         I.  Eremia Gabriel with U-995 in dry doc from Revell
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with Seehund XXVIIB from Bronco Models
         II.  George Roumbos with U-96 in Storm from Revell
         II.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with PLA Navy Type 031 Golf Class from Hobby Boss
         III.  Tiberiu Tudor with Uboat II B 1939 from ICM
         III.  Marian Arfire with U-Boat Type XXVIIB Seehund (Late) from ICM

    C23: Sci-Fi, Space

         I.  Dumitrescu Alexandru with Treebeard from Game Workshop Comp.
         II.  Todor Doichev (terminashka) with Tie Fighter Advanced from Bandai
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with Last Exile -Tatiana's Vanship from Hasegawa
         III.  Ventsislav Gramatski with TIE/LN Fighter from Revell
         III.  Tetsios George with "The Pretty one"

    C24: Railway models

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with BR 86 from Hobby Boss
         II.  Mihai Cianu with Tank car Zagkks " Lukoil"
         II.  Martin Getov with TBD 44072,TBD 46109,TBD 06309,BDZh ,BDZh13-29,BDZh15215
         III.  Simionescu Ovidiu with DR Baureihe 52 from Hobby Boss

    C25: Railway dioramas

         I.  Bogdan Ionete with Railway Non-Brake Flatbed 16,5t from Miniart

    C26: Architecture (without figures)

         I.  Simionescu Ovidiu with French farm
         II.  Dumitrescu Alexandru with Thunderstruck

    C27: Scratch-build

         I.  Radu Ionescu with Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
         II.  Vladan Maksimovich with Bregeut Bre 19a2
         II.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with Diagonally
         III.  Mihaela Tudor with Cunning Shadow
         III.  Lachezar Vankov with Karieren bager EKG-5A
         III.  Svetozar Gerdzhikov i Svetlomir Hristov with Moskvich 412

    C28: Public transport

         I.  Darian Georgiev with Ikarus 280

    C29: Designer Models

         II.  Petar Petrov with Diorama "Izsahnala gora s blato"

    C30: Paper models

         I.  Dragos-Iulian Avramescu with Gloster Sea Gladiator

    "The best of the show" Cup

         Ognan Stefanov with Nebesta / Skyville
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