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Fourth exhibition


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  Part „Beginners”

    B2.самолети 1/72, 1/100, 1/144

         1.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with Tornado F3 Adv from Revell
         2.  Ivan Stoanov Marinov with DO 17K from Italeri
         3.  Bozhidar Stamenov (bstamenov83) with A1E/AD-5 Skyraider from Revell

    B4.бронетехника 1/72, 1/76

         1.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with Kriegslokomotive BR52 from Hobby Boss
         2.  Dimitar Yankov with Sd.Kfz. 251/22 "Pakwagen" from Hasegawa

    B6.кораби, автомобили, фигури и т.н.

         1.  Petar Atanasov Atanasov with Submarine U-99 from Revell
         2.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with HMS Beagle from Revell
         3.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with DGzRS Arkona from Revell

  Part „Advanced”

    C03.Самолети с витла и хеликоптери 1/48

         1.  Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with LA - 5F from Vector
         1.  Valentin Petrov (valko-bg) with Me Bf108 Taifun from Eduard
         2.  Ivo Atanasov (ivoka) with Fw 190 S-8 from MPM
         2.  Istvan Bahac & Istvan Vadasz with P-47 THUNDERBOLT from Tamiya
         3.  Valentin Petrov (valko-bg) with Avia B-534 Dogan from Eduard

    C04.Самолети с реактивни двигатели 1/48

         1.  Hristo Banchev (serpico) with Eurofighter Typhoon from Revell
         2.  Ognan Nikolov with FGR2 from Revell
         3.  Marian Todorov with MIG-23MF from Italeri

    C05.Самолети с витла и хеликоптери 1/72

         1.  Robert Serfozo with Avia B-534 from Kopro
         2.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with La5 FN from Revell
         2.  Milan Bukovich with HE 177 from Revell
         3.  Mago Karoly with PZL - 104 from Amodel
         3.  Dimitar Dimitrov (javelin) with AVIA B-135 from RS Models

    C06.Самолети с реактивни двигатели 1/72

         1.  Iordan Stefanov (Zhatvara) with Douglas F-4D-1 Skyray from Tamiya
         2.  Mago Karoly with MIG-19PM from Bilek
         3.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with FW P.II from Special Hobby

    C07.Цивилни самолети 1/72 - 1/200

         1.  Zoran Sivchev with DC 10 from Hasegawa
         2.  Zoran Sivchev with BOEING 737- 300 from Hasegawa
         3.  Aleksandar Nenov (LZ-BTA) with Airbus A340- 300 from Revell

    C08.Бронетехника на колела 1/72 (1/76)

         1.  Slavi Slavov (ARTU) with Horch 108 with Flack 30 from MAC Distribution
         2.  Sardzhan Radosavlevich with KUBELWAGEN from Academy
         3.  Dimitar Terziivanov (DDt) with BA - 10 from UM

    C09.Бронетехника на вериги 1/72 (1/76) до 1945 г.

         1.  Mihail Todorov (Mihail Todorov) with Panther Ausf.A from Revell
         2.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with Hetzer Starr from Attack Hobby Kits
         3.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel Early Version from Dragon

    C12.Бронетехника на колела 1/35

         3.  Nikolai Kolev (noel) with leFH 18 10,5 cm from AFV Club

    C13.Бронетехника на вериги 1/35

         1.  Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with British Carrier Mk II from Tamiya
         2.  Georgi Roshkov (sektor) with StuG III from Dragon
         3.  Darko Simich with T-34/85 from Zvezda

    C15.Диорами с бронетехника и/или авиация 1/35, 1/48

         1.  Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with PRISTIGNAHME
         2.  Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with Garata
         3.  Nikolai Georgiev Nikolov with SREDNOVEKOVNA EVROPA

    C16.Фигури до 60 мм височина

         1.  Gyorgy Varczag with MONGOL OFFICER from Soldiers
         2.  Djordje Miltenovic with SERBIAN GUARD
         3.  Djordje Miltenovic with BYZANTINE INFANTRY OFFICER

    C17.Фигури над 60 мм височина

         1.  Gyorgy Varczag with GENGIS KHAN from Pegaso
         2.  Gyorgy Varczag with SAMURAI from Pegaso
         3.  Djordje Miltenovic with BYZANTINE STANDART BERAR from Pegaso

    C18.Бюстове, всички мащаби

         1.  Gyorgy Varczag with LEHEL VEZER
         2.  Tatana Miltenovich with MOHAWK WARIOR
         3.  Gyorgy Varczag with SS SOLDIER from Wariors

    C20.Кораби Sci-fi

         1.  Nikolai Georgiev Nikolov with TORPEDONOSETs

    C20.Кораби с платна, Кораби с двигатели, Подводници

         1.  Nemana Miatovich with U-BOAT TYPE VII D from Revell
         2.  Nemana Miatovich with U-BOAT TYPE XXIII from ICM
         3.  Boban Jankovic with HMS RODNEY BATTLESHIP from Tamiya
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