Scale Models Club Bulgaria

XV-th open competition for scale models

"Scale Models Club Bulgaria" organizing the Fifteenth open competition for scale models (all scales and categories).

Venue: Sofia, 158 Geo Milev str., Todor Kableshkov University Of Transport, Student canteen

GPS: 42.678593, 23.380073

Here is the driving directions for our guests.

Date and time: October 12 and 13, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday)

Discussion for exhibition: Forum


  Part „Beginners”

    B01: Aircrafts 1/144, 1/100, 1/72

         I.  Velizar Garkov with AS532-Cougar from Italeri
         II.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with Boeing 737-800 "GoldbAIR" from Revell
         III.  Sergey Zavyalov with Avia BH 3

    B02: Aircrafts 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Alexander Kosenkov with Su-2 from Zvezda
         II.  Velizar Garkov with Spitfire Mk.IXc from Tamiya
         III.  Yana Kondrateva with Spitfire LF Mk.IX from ICM

    B03: Military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Ilya Dankin with M274 Mule from Dragon
         II.  Grigorios Tzourmanas with M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo" from Italeri
         III.  Maa Kranteva with KT 26 from Zvezda

    B04: Military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Alexander Kosenkov with Renault FT-17 Civil War in Russia
         II.  Ilya Sergeev with Mk.V from Takom
         III.  Fedor Aladkin with M3 Lee from Takom

    B05: Dioramas

         I.  Victor-Stefan Dumitrescu with Roman Tower from Zvezda
         II.  Teodor Velchev with Prototipna benzinostantsia"Petrol"
         III.  Stanislav Stanchev with Tiger wittmann from Dragon

    B07: Cars

         I.  Stepan Semenov with GAZ-M1 from Zvezda
         II.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with Packard "Landauler" 1912 from Smer
         III.  Valeriya Zabelina with GAZ-69

    B08: Figures

         I.  Aleksandar Giev with Warhammer Space Marine from Game Workshop Comp.
         II.  Victor-Stefan Dumitrescu with Space Marines Marneus Calgar from Game Workshop Comp.
         III.  Ruxandra-Maria Dumitrescu with Fenrisian Pink Wolf from Game Workshop Comp.

    B10: Public transport

         I.  Viktor Dzhurov with Metrovagon 81-740.1 "Rusich"

  Part „Advanced”

    C01: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/144

         I.  Dejan Sarenac with Spitfire MK 14 from Eduard

    C02: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/72

         I.  Bogdan Ionete with Fiat G.50bis
         I.  Aurelian Gogonea with Fokker D.XXI Sarja 4 from Special Hobby
         I.  Slobodan Beleslijin with FW 190 A5 from Eduard
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXe from Eduard
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with L-410 from AZ Model
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Spitfire Mk. VIII from Eduard
         III.  Velizar Velikov (Vels) with Focke-Wulf Fw-190 A-4 from Zvezda

    C03: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/48

         I.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with OA-10A Catalina US Air Force from Revell
         I.  Aleksandar Mladenovic with FW109 D9 from Eduard
         I.  Krasimir Stefanov with P-51D Mustang "Chatanooga Choo Choo from Eduard
         II.  Mitko Mitkov (Mitkov) with Albatros C III from Special Hobby
         II.  Radu Zinca with A5M4 "CLAUDE"
         II.  Krasen Georgiev with Bf 108B Taifun from Eduard
         III.  Dragan Zdravković with B-25 Mitchell
         III.  George Dorohoi with Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 with 'Sonderaktion Schneekufen' from GreatWall Hobby

    C04: Jet aircrafts 1/144

         II.  Dragan Cvetic with MiG-21bis from Eduard
         II.  Hristo Krumov with AV-8B Harrier II plus from Revell
         III.  Nebojsa Mirkovic with F-104 from Revell

    C05: Jet aircrafts 1/72

         I.  Stavros Koulaxidelis with A-7E Corsair II , H.A.F. from Hobby Boss
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with Fouga from Special Hobby
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Saab Jas-39 Gripen from Italeri
         II.  Krasimir Stefanov with H.A.L. Ajeet from Special Hobby
         III.  Bogdan Ionete with MiG-21SM from Eduard
         III.  Dragan Cvetic with MiG-21 bis from Zvezda
         III.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Horten Go 229 from Revell

    C06: Jet aircrafts 1/48

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Sukhoi Su-9 from Trumpeter
         II.  Dragan Cvetic with Su-25 from Kopro
         III.  Toni Georgiev with SU-25UB from Smer
         III.  Spas Kirov with Rafale B from Hobby Boss

    C07: Aircrafts 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with MIG-15 Bis BG Air Force from Trumpeter
         I.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with F-16CJ Block 50 from Tamiya
         III.  Dusko Tanovic with Fokker DrI 477/17 Je-1 from Roden

    C08: Civil airplanes - all scales

         I.  Krasimir Stefanov with Il-62 from Zvezda
         I.  Aleksandar Valerianov (barlio) with Tupolev Tu-144 from Revell
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Bristol 175 "Britannia" from Roden
         III.  Dimitar Yanchev with Boeing 777-300 from Zvezda
         III.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with Dornier Do-27 from Special Hobby
         III.  Manta Model Klub with Letishte "Manta"

    C09: Helicopters - all scales

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Wessex HAS 1 from Italeri
         I.  Aleksandar Valerianov (barlio) with Kamov Ka-29 from Hobby Boss
         II.  Mitko Mitkov (Mitkov) with MIL MI 24V from Monogram
         III.  Dragan Cvetic with Ah-1S cobra from Special Hobby

    C10: Wheeled military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with DE-210
         I.  Theodoros Kalamatas with Diamond Wrecker from IBG
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with MAZ-537 from Takom
         II.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with M977 OSHKOSH 8X8 CARGO TRUCK from Academy
         III.  Andrey Novozhilov with BTR-70 in Afghanistan from Ace
         III.  Miroslav Raichev Stoinev (MR) with Austin Mk.IV from Master Box

    C11: Wheeled military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Theodoros Kalamatas with Model T 1917 Ambulance from ICM
         II.  Angel Iovchev with Mobilna Kompresorna Stantsia 8G33U varhu ZiL-157/OTRK R-170(SS-1b Scud A) ot BNA from Trumpeter
         II.  Anastasios Briamis with M1151 HUMVEE from Academy
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with DUKW 353 from Italeri
         III.  Dragan Zdravković with SAHARIANA CR42 from Italeri
         III.  Theodoros Protopoulos with M59 from AFV Club
         III.  Razvan Patrascu with sd.kfz. 15 Horch from Tamiya

    C12: Tracked military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with Traktor ChTZ S-65 "Stalinets" from Trumpeter
         I.  Krasen Georgiev with Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo from Italeri
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with Sherman from Dragon
         II.  Vaggelis Kavakis with T34/85 from Zvezda
         II.  Petar Vidov with is-2 from Zvezda
         III.  Pavel Poplaukhin with Kingtiger from Dragon
         III.  Aurelian Gogonea with Opel Blitz Maultier from Roden
         III.  George Dorohoi with German WWII E-75 Heavy Tank with 88 Gun from Modelcollect

    C13: Tracked military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Ovidiu Cupșe with Ferdinand from Zvezda
         I.  Angelos Tzourmanas with Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer from Academy
         I.  Theodoros Kalamatas with Bergepanzer T-60(R) from Miniart
         II.  Dan Andrita with Polish Tankietka TK-3 from RPM
         II.  Panagiotis Giatzoglou with Marder III from Tamiya
         II.  Razvan Patrascu with Sd.Kfz.184 Ferdinand from Zvezda
         III.  Mstislav Neudachin with IS-360m
         III.  Angel Dimitrov with MT-LB from Trumpeter
         III.  Baloglou Prodromos with Abandoned T-62 Iraqi Army from Trumpeter

    C14: Artillery - all scales

         I.  Aleksandar Mladenovic with Škoda 100mm 14/19 from IBG
         I.  Eremia Gabriel with TUN NAVALCONTINENTAL 12 lb
         II.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with German 280mm K5(E) Railway Gun Leopold from Hobby Boss
         II.  Krasen Georgiev with Polish howitzer 100 mm wz.14/19 from FTF
         III.  Razvan Patrascu with Krupp 21 cm Morser from Takom

    C15: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/144, 1/72

         I.  George Koutsoukos with Italian Street and M4A3 Sherman from Italeri
         II.  Velizar Velikov (Vels) with To Berlin from Zvezda
         III.  George Dorohoi with WWII German Airport Diorama
         III.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with Red Army
         III.  Manta Model Klub with "T-55 v pustinata"
         III.  Petar Vidov with hawker hurricane Mk. II B from Revell

    C16: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Aleksandar Mladenovic with Ni 17 ' Le Mome ' from Eduard
         I.  Aleksandar Iosifov (alexthegreat) with Spomeni ot Afganistan / Memories from Afghanistan from Tamiya
         II.  Costian Cosmin with La guerre n'est pas un jeu from Hobbycraft
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Mig 21 F13 "Overhauling" from Trumpeter
         III.  Eremia Gabriel with FORD T 1917 AMBULANCE from ICM

    C17: Figures up to 60 mm height

         I.  Georgios Matos with USMC Guadalcanal WW2
         I.  Costian Cosmin with The Old Fiddler from WS MasterPices
         II.  Giovanni Cazzorla with Beware Badlands
         II.  Radu Ionescu with Mumakil from Citadel Miniatures
         III.  Paolo Parisi with Fuciliere Battaglione Valaisan
         III.  Baloglou Prodromos with Crazy Don Kihotqe from Citadel Miniatures

    C18-1: Busts

         I.  Paolo Parisi with Lanzichenecco from Pegaso
         I.  Sotiris Malikiosis with Hannibal Barca from Nuts Planet
         II.  Dan Andrita with Saxon Huscarl, Hastings, 1066
         II.  Babis Thangopoulos with Dwarf
         III.  Giovanni Cazzorla with General "Stonewall" 1863 from Verlinden
         III.  Costian Cosmin with Oikeus The Righteous

    C18: Figures over 60 mm height

         I.  Giovanni Cazzorla with Portabandiera lanzichenecco XV sec. from Pegaso
         I.  Georgios Matos with USN SEAL Operation Desert Storm 1991
         II.  Viktoria Maleeva with Athenian Hoplite from Miniart
         II.  Konstadina Trobouki with Mary Read 75mm
         II.  Sotiris Malikiosis with European Knight from Pegaso
         III.  Milen Markov with Sandtrooper from Bandai
         III.  Iane Antonio Luigi with Predette
         III.  Simionescu Ovidiu with Night King (Games of Thrones) from ICM
         III.  Dimitris Mpatzianouliss with JOACHIM PEIPER from Dragon
         III.  Andrei Rozhdestvenskii with Vizantiiski znamenosets XIIv.

    C19-1: Trucks

         I.  Ivan Kaziski with Western Star from Italeri
         II.  Bogdan Ionete with Ferguson TE-20 from Heller
         III.  Mihai Cianu with Citroen HY from Heller
         III.  Velko Atanasov with UraL-43206 (4h4)

    C19: Cars, Trucks, Motocycles

         I.  Radu Ionescu with Fiat Mefistofele from Italeri
         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Mercedes AMG GT3 from Tamiya
         II.  Anastasios Briamis with Alpha Romeo 155 DTM from Tamiya
         II.  Bozhidar Stamenov (bstamenov83) with Volkswagen Beetle 1966 from Tamiya
         II.  Mpatzeliotis Christos with Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 from Revell
         III.  Velo Velev with Chevrolet Camaro SS from Revell

    C20: Sailing ships

         I.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with Cutty Sark - clipper from Artesiana Latina
         II.  Ivo Kotov with KOG
         III.  Tiberiu Tudor with Royal Yacht Britannia
         III.  Dumitrescu Alexandru with Osenberg from Smer

    C21: Ships with engines

         I.  Dimitar Engibarov with USS Pegasus PHM-1 from Hobby Boss
         II.  Ivailo Vrachanski (Ivo hobby) with Vosper MTB from Airfix
         III.  Tiberiu Tudor with HMS Impulsive from Mister Craft

    C22: Submarines

         I.  Eremia Gabriel with U-37 in dry doc with Toka Tug from Hobby Boss
         II.  George Dorohoi with German U-boat type VII C special version
         II.  Simionescu Ovidiu with U-boot IIB "U9" from ICM
         III.  Predrag Stamenkovic with Type XXIII from Revell

    C23: Sci-Fi, Space

         I.  Sotiris Malikiosis with Lake Town from Game Workshop Comp.
         II.  Babis Thangopoulos with Armiger Knight from Citadel Miniatures
         III.  George Dorohoi with Little modelist's dream

    C24: Railway models

         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with Kriegslokomotive BR86 + Transporter for Karl-geraet + schwerer plattformwagen + 2 cm flakvierling
         I.  Martin Getov with BDZh 004
         II.  Ivailo Nenchev with Kompozitsia Wehrmacht Leopold
         III.  Martin Getov with ČSD S699 001

    C26: Architecture (without figures)

         I.  Alexandros Militsevits with DC-9 from Airfix
         II.  Dumitrescu Alexandru with Diamonds and Rust
         III.  Ivailo Vrachanski (Ivo hobby) with Tovarna gara from Faller

    C28: Public transport

         I.  Georgi Garmidolov with Ikarus 280T

    "The best model from Balkan region forces" Cup

         Simionescu Ovidiu with Mig 21 F13 "Overhauling" from Trumpeter

    "The best model from bulgarian forces" Cup

         Velizar Garkov with L-39ZA Albatros from Trumpeter

    "The best of the show" Cup

         Pano Troplev (masklin) with F-16CJ Block 50 from Tamiya
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