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Part „Aviation”

  Category „Custom build”

    Scale 1/40 and more

         1.  Valentin Petrov (valko-bg) with Mi 17 from Trumpeter

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Iordan Stefanov (Zhatvara) with Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet II from Special Hobby
         2.  Pencho Genev with Messerschmitt Bf 109 T-2 from MPM

  Category „Youth”

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Plamen Mihailov with Me 262 A from Revell
         2.  Simeon Miroslavov Stoinev with F-4 Wildcat from Academy
         3.  Vasil Kosev with Bf-109 G-2 / Trop from Hobby Boss

  Category „From the box”

    Scale 1/41 - 1/60

         1.  Ivo Atanasov (ivoka) with P-47 Thunderbolt from Academy
         2.  Emil Ivanov with F-15 E Strike Eagle from Revell

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Ivan Filipov Ivanov (NAVY_YVAN) with Me 109 G-6 from Hasegawa
         2.  Ivan Filipov Ivanov (NAVY_YVAN) with Fw 190 A5/U3 from Hasegawa
         2.  Dimitar Dimitrov (javelin) with Heinkel He70 F-2 from Revell
         3.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with Mirage 2000 TigerMeet 2003 from Revell
         3.  Dimitar Terziivanov (DDt) with P-47 D-30-RA Thunderbolt from Revell

  Part „AFV”

    Category „Land vehicle - civil”

         1.  Lyubomir Brezoev with Honda Magna 50 from Tamiya
         2.  Andrei Mushatov with Yamaha YZF R1 from Tamiya
         2.  Boris Zhelazkov (thunderbolt) with Ferrari F40 from Tamiya

Part „AFV”

  Категория „Верижна военна техника ВСВ - Доработки”

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Slavi Slavov (ARTU) with ISU 152 from PST
         2.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with Waffentrager from Ace
         3.  Dimitar Terziivanov (DDt) with Panzer V ausf.A from Revell

  Категория „Верижна военна техника ВСВ - Стандартно изпълнение”

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Mihail Todorov (Mihail Todorov) with Jagdtiger from Dragon
         2.  Ilia Andreev (Bradatia) with Maus from Dragon

  Category „Chain military technics modern - From the box”

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Mihail Todorov (Mihail Todorov) with T-72 M1 from Revell
         2.  Mihail Todorov (Mihail Todorov) with Merkava Mk.III from Revell
         3.  Miroslav Raichev Stoinev (MR) with Challenger I Mk3 from Revell

  Category „Military technics - Custom build”

    Scale 1/40 and more

         1.  Georgi Roshkov (sektor) with M10 Archiles from Academy
         2.  Nikolai Kolev (noel) with Marder I from RPM
         3.  Svetlan Velev (Svetlo) with T-72 from Tamiya

  Category „Military technics - From the box”

    Scale 1/40 and more

         1.  Todor Georgiev with Nashorn Sd.Kfz. 164 from Dragon
         2.  Nikolai Kolev (noel) with WC-56 Dodge Command Car from AFV Club
         3.  Georgi Roshkov (sektor) with Panzer II Flamingo from Alanger

  Category „Military wheel technics - Custom build”

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Iordan Stefanov (Zhatvara) with ATZ-5-375 (Ural 375) from ICM
         2.  Slavi Slavov (ARTU) with Kfz.14 from RPM
         3.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with Sd.Kfz. 232 from Roden

  Категория „Колесна военна техника - Стандартно изпълнение”

    Scale 1/61 - 1/90

         1.  Slavi Slavov (ARTU) with GAZ-AA SU-1-12 from UM
         2.  Ilia Andreev (Bradatia) with Sd.Kfz.260 from ICM

    Part „Vinetka”

         1.  Georgi Roshkov (sektor) with Panzer IV from Italeri
         2.  Nikolai Kolev (noel) with "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis"
         3.  Dochko Dochev with Nemski Kartechari

    Part „Diorams”

         1.  Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with Tankovo Depo
         2.  Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with Mistel 2
         3.  Yasen Gerasimov with BR52, Omy, Platforma

    Part „Scratch build”

         1.  Georgi Aleksandrov with T6A2 - Tramvaina motrisa
         2.  Lachezar Dragostinov with Bager Benati
         3.  Darian Georgiev with tramvaina motrisa Sofia 70

    Part „Figures”

         1.  Nikolai Kolev (noel) with "Fresh Milk" from Verlinden
         2.  Nikolai Kolev (noel) with US Tank Crew from Dragon
         3.  Georgi Kamburov with Germanska pehota; Germanski tankisti from Master Box


         Специална награда.  Vasil Malomirov Vlasov with KB 2 Chuchuliga 4
         Специална награда.  Lachezar Dragostinov with Raketa Sayuz 3
         Специална награда.  Vasil Malomirov Vlasov with DAR 8 Slavei
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