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Sixth exhibition


Club "Scalemodels-BG" organized the Sixth open competition for scale models (all scales and categories).

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Venue: National Museum of Military History of 92 Cherkovna street, Sofia.

Date and time: May 15 and 16, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)

1. Arrangement of the exposition - from 09.00 EET on May 15
2. Opening ceremony - 12.00 EET on May 15
3. Judging - from 14.00 EET on May 15
4. Closing the 1st competition day - 17.00 EET on May 15
5. Opening the 2nd competition day - 09.00 EET on May 16
6. Announcement of results - 14.00 EET on May 16

Discussion for exhibition: Forum


  Part „Beginners”

    B1: Aircrafts 1/72, 1/100, 1/144

         I.  Veselin Penev (McVess) with Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina
         II.  Viktor Nasar (Victor Nasr) with MIG-25P
         III.  Todor Todorov with Mitsubishi A6-M3

    B4: Military vehicles 1/35, 1/48

         I.  Valentin Goranov with Sd.Kfz. 138 Marder
         II.  Simeon Gaitandzhiev with T-80

    B5: Dioramas

         I.  Stanislav Stefanov (Stanislav) with Kadis Ispania
         II.  Valentin Goranov with Gergovden
         II.  Stefan Mitkov Popov (stefeca 96) with Kam Fronta Gaz-AAA
         III.  Orlin Gerchev with KV-1

  Part „Advanced”

    C01: Propeller driven aircrafts and Helicopters 1/72 and 1/144

         I.  Aleksandar Mladenovich with Dornier Do24T
         II.  Dimitar Engibarov with Foker Dr. I
         II.  Krasen Georgiev with Hansa Branderburg D. 1
         III.  Darko Mladenovich with Hellcat Mk. I

    C02: Jet aircrafts 1/72 and 1/144

         I.  Dimitar Engibarov with BAC Lighting
         II.  Dragan Zdravković with Thunderjet F-84
         III.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with A-10A Thunderbolt
         III.  Simeon Kostov with Tu-22 Blinder

    C03: Propeller driven aircrafts and Helicopters 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Voislav Paravina with Spad C-XIII
         II.  Aleksandar Mladenovich with Dewoitine D520
         III.  Marin Markov (LuciferBG) with Republic P-47D
         III.  Branislav Vesich with Ki-84 Frank
         III.  Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with Spitfire Mk.IX

    C04: Jet aircrafts 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with Mirage III CJ
         II.  Marko Baveusa with Heinkel He-178 V1
         III.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with Heinkel He-178 V1

    C05: Civil airplanes - all scales

         I.  Petko Karamitev (pkaramitev) with Tu-154
         II.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with Boeing 787-8
         III.  Aleksandar Nenov (LZ-BTA) with Grumman Hu-16E Albatross

    C06: Wheeled military vehicles 1/72, 1/76

         I.  Georgi Velikov with BA-10 Armored Car
         II.  Mladen Georgiev with AML-60
         III.  Slavi Georgiev with Sd.Kfz 234/4

    C07: Tracked military vehicles 1/72, 1/76

         I.  Dimitar Terziivanov (DDt) with T-55 Enigma
         II.  Krasen Georgiev with RSO mit 7,5 PAK40
         III.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with Sturmtiger

    C08: Wheeled military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Nikolas Kostulas with SS-1C "Scud B"
         I.  George Roumbos with SdKFz 223
         III.  Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with Locomotive Wr 360 c12

    C09: Tracked military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with Tiger I Late
         I.  Ivan Ristich with Stuart-Flak
         II.  Aleksa Elez with T-55A
         II.  Nikolas Kostulas with PzH 2000Gr
         II.  Konstantinos Buris with T-55
         III.  Dragan Zdravković with T-72
         III.  Angel Spasov (angel4o) with FlakPanzer I aus F.A.

    C10: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/72, 1/144

         II.  Georgi Velikov with PzKpFw VI Tiger I Ausf E Late

    C11: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/35, 1/48

         I.  Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with "Kotki i mishki"
         II.  Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with "The war is over"
         III.  Aleksandar Iosifov (alexthegreat) with "Svarzochnitsi Iztochen front"

    C12/13: Figures - all scales

         I.  Rob Fittsdzherald with Warrior Priest
         II.  Djordje Miltenovic with Ungarisher Reiter
         III.  Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with Ovtsa
         III.  Spiros Kseras with Chinese Warrior

    C14: Cars, Trucks, Motocycles

         I.  Marin Markov (LuciferBG) with Alfa Romeo 155 V6
         II.  Velko Atanasov with MAN TG-A

    C15-1: Submarines

         I.  Dimitar Engibarov with U-Boat Type XXI
         II.  Lyubomir Nikolov (Milowitz) with U-Boat Type XXVIIB
         III.  George Roumbos with U-Boat U-2322

    C15: Ships

         I.  Evgeni Elenkov (evgeni 200) with HMS Hood
         I.  Lyubomir Nenov (nenovvv) with Hollandia Container Ship
         II.  Mihail Vodenicharski (Moarein) with USS Constitution
         III.  Dimitar Engibarov with Fletcher

    C16: Sci-Fi, Space

         I.  Hristo Banchev (serpico) with Republic Star Destroyer
         II.  Dragan Veikovich with Slave 1
         III.  Dimitar Engibarov with Y-WING Fighter

    "The best of the show" Cup

         Martin Foster with Junkers Ju-87 B-2
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