Scale Models Club Bulgaria

XII-th open competition for scale models

"Scale Models Club Bulgaria" organizing the Twelfth open competition for scale models (all scales and categories).

Special topic: Military - Siria

Venue: Sofia, 158 Geo Milev str., Todor Kableshkov University Of Transport, Student canteen

GPS: 42.678593, 23.380073

Here is the driving directions for our guests.

Date and time: October 08 and 09, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)

Discussion for exhibition: Forum


  Part „Beginners”

    B01: Aircrafts 1/144, 1/100, 1/72

         I.  Kavvada Lidia with F-117A Nighthawk from Italeri
         II.  Denitsa Vodenicharska with A10 Thunderbolt II from Tamiya
         II.  Denitsa Georgieva with Schugleiter SG 38
         III.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with FW-190A from Zvezda
         III.  Vladimir Iordanov with MIG-3 from Italeri

    B03: Military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Stanislav Stanchev with King Tiger Porche Ausf.B from Zvezda
         II.  Lachezar Asenov with Panther Ausf.D from Zvezda
         II.  Denitsa Georgieva with Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E
         III.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with 75mm WZ-1897 Schneider

    B05: Dioramas

         I.  Peter Kamperis with German 120 Mortar 42 from Zvezda

    B06: Ships

         I.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with RMS Titanic from Revell

    B09: Sci-Fi and others

         I.  Viktoria Peneva with R2-D2, R5-D4 & BB-8 from Bandai
         I.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with Stormcast Eternal Liberator

  Part „Advanced”

    C02: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/72

         I.  Milan Radulovic with He-177 from Revell
         I.  Krasen Georgiev with PZL P-7
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk. I
         II.  Darko Mladenovich with Fairey Gannet mk IV from Revell
         II.  Borislav Asenov with Avia B.534 from Eduard
         III.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with Tu-142MR from Trumpeter

    C03: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/48

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Wyvern S.4 from Trumpeter
         I.  Časlav Mijušković with TBM-3 Avenger from Academy
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with North American P-51 D-15 "Mustang" from ICM
         II.  Dragan Zdravković with IL-2 Sturmovik from Tamiya
         III.  Mitko Mitkov (Mitkov) with PZL 43 A from MirageHobby
         III.  Branislav Djeri with Spitfire Mk.VIII from ICM

    C05: Jet aircrafts 1/72

         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with F-16 from Tamiya
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with L-29
         III.  Dragan Cvetic with MiG-29 9.13 from Zvezda
         III.  Protopoulos Theodoros with RF-4E from Hasegawa

    C06: Jet aircrafts 1/48

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Ar-234B-2 from Hasegawa
         I.  John Kalaitzoglou with F-16C Block 50 from Hasegawa
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U1 from Hobby Boss
         II.  Milan Radulovic with T-33 from Academy
         II.  Časlav Mijušković with F-4B Phantom from Academy
         III.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with F-100F Super Sabre from Trumpeter

    C07: Aircrafts 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Fe.2b early from Wingnut Wings
         II.  Mitko Mitkov (Mitkov) with Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-2/Trop from Trumpeter
         III.  Nenad Blagojevic with Messerschmitt Me-109F from Trumpeter

    C08: Civil airplanes - all scales

         I.  Dimitar Yanchev with Tu-154 from Zvezda
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with Douglas DC-6 from Roden
         III.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with ZLIN Z 42 from Hobby Boss

    C09: Helicopters - all scales

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Mil-Mi 8 MT from Hobby Boss
         I.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with MI-8 Balkan from Trumpeter
         II.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with NH-90 from Revell
         II.  John Kalaitzoglou with OH-13S from Italeri
         III.  George Koutsoukos with AH64D Apache from Hobby Boss

    C10: Wheeled military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with M983 Hemtt Tractor With Pershing II Missile Erector Laungher
         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with KS-2375
         II.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with Soviet Airfield Starter AS2 from UM
         II.  Branislav Djeri with Moriss Gun Tractor from Airfix
         III.  Slavcho Georgievski with ZiL-157 from ICM
         III.  semeistvo Stoinevi with Autoblinda AB40 from Italeri
         III.  Borislav Asenov with Opel Blitz+ Flak 38 from Italeri

    C11: Wheeled military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Milan Radulovic with Zil & SA-2 from Trumpeter
         II.  Panagiotis Giatzoglou with L3H163Kfz 72 from ICM
         III.  Dragan Zdravković with Opel Blitz with Flak from Italeri
         III.  Georgeos Leikos with Dragon Wagon

    C12: Tracked military vehicles 1/76, 1/72

         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with Jerabovy tank JT-34 from Zvezda
         I.  Krasen Georgiev with Sherman M4A1 from UM
         II.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with Antiaircraft tank Sdkfz 140 from UM
         II.  Borislav Asenov with AMX Mle.48 Anti-Tank Gun
         III.  Darko Mladenovich with M4A3E8 Sherman from Trumpeter
         III.  Branislav Djeri with M-75 Gun Carrier from Italeri
         III.  semeistvo Stoinevi with Sherman M4A3E2 from Extratech

    C13: Tracked military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with T-72B from Trumpeter
         I.  Panagiotis Giatzoglou with Maultier w Flag 38 from Italeri
         II.  Milan Radulovic with Sa-6 KUB from Trumpeter
         II.  Igor Tsvetkovich with T-55 from Tamiya
         III.  Slavcho Georgievski with BMD-2 from Zvezda
         III.  Petar Vidov with VIKERS from MirageHobby

    C14: Artillery - all scales

         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Krupp Morser 10/16 from Takom
         II.  Slavcho Georgievski with QF-6 MK2 from Zvezda

    C15: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/144, 1/72

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with BF 110
         II.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with Stalingrad

    C16: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Panayotis Gartzonikas with The beach
         II.  Milan Radulovic with He-162 Salamander from Tamiya
         II.  Panagiotis Giatzoglou with Liberation from Tamiya
         III.  Aleksandar Iosifov (alexthegreat) with Kontraataka v Normandia from Dragon
         III.  Angel Popov with T-34 Guardalavaca from Zvezda

    C17: Figures up to 60 mm height

         I.  Sotiris Malikiosis with Mr Z and his time machine
         II.  Ivailo Vrachanski (Ivo hobby) with Stormcast Eternal Liberator
         II.  Adriana Giakoumi with Pengoleon
         III.  Alexandros Ntakis with The cop

    C18: Figures over 60 mm height

         I.  Sotiris Malikiosis with THE GLOTKIN from Citadel Miniatures

    C19: Cars, Trucks, Motocycles

         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Mercedes 300sl from Tamiya
         I.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI from Tamiya
         I.  Bozhidar Stamenov (bstamenov83) with FERRARI F40 from Tamiya
         II.  Damana Petkova with Saab 900 Airflow
         II.  Velko Atanasov with Scania LB141 from Heller
         III.  George Siondis with Lancia Delta HF Integrale from Italeri
         III.  Stefan Dimitrov Nikolov with Golf 3 VR6 from Fujimi

    C21: Ships with engines

         I.  Mario Andonov (Galactika87) with IJN Akagi from Hasegawa
         I.  Dimitar Engibarov with HMS "ZINNIA" Flower Class Corvette from MirageHobby
         II.  Mario Andonov (Galactika87) with RMS Titanic from Minicraft
         II.  Bojan Jankovski with IJN Heavy cruiser chikuma from Tamiya
         III.  Bojan Jankovski with IJN Aircraft carrier Akagi from Hasegawa

    C22: Submarines

         I.  Dimitar Engibarov with Podvodnaa lodka tipa K (K-21)
         II.  Mario Andonov (Galactika87) with USSR Typhoon from Hobby Boss
         III.  George Roumbos with Imperial Japanese Midget Submarine A-Target / Type A "Pearl Harbor" from Fine Molds

    C23: Sci-Fi, Space

         I.  Lyudmil Popov with "What if" Polikarpov I-16K /koraben/ from Academy
         I.  Sakis Theodorou with Mad Max Dark Tomorrow
         II.  Yasen Velchev with Nakade v badeshteto...
         II.  Sotiris Malikiosis with HOBBIT - ESCAPE FROM THE GOBLIN TOWN from Citadel Miniatures

    C24: Railway models

         I.  Sotiris Malikiosis with Crossing the river from Italeri
         II.  Slav Stoanov with BDZh seria 43

    C26: Architecture (without figures)

         I.  Sotiris Malikiosis with PARTHENON from Italeri
         II.  Neli Aleksieva with Peikata

    C27: Scratch-build

         I.  Svetozar Gerdzhikov with MTLB
         II.  Yasen Velchev with Izostaveni...
         III.  Lachezar Vankov with ChTZ - T100
         III.  Vladan Maksimovich with BA 349 Natter

    "The war in Syria" Cup

         Ivo Atanasov (ivoka) with BMP-2 from Dragon

    "The best model from Balkan region forces" Cup

         John Kalaitzoglou with F-16C Block 50 from Hasegawa

    "The best model from bulgarian forces" Cup

         Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with MI-8 Balkan from Trumpeter

    "The best of the show" Cup

         Panayotis Gartzonikas with The beach
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