Scale Models Club Bulgaria

X-th open competition for scale models

"Scale Models Club Bulgaria" organizing the Tenth open competition for scale models (all scales and categories).

Special topic: World War I

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Venue: Sofia, 158 Geo Milev str., Todor Kableshkov University Of Transport, "Jubilee" hall

GPS: 42.68012840561989, 23.381507992744446

Here is the driving directions for our guests.

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Date and time: October 11 and 12, 2014 (Saturday and Sunday)

Discussion for exhibition: Forum


  Part „Beginners”

    B1: Aircrafts 1/72, 1/100, 1/144

         I.  Stefan Dimitrov Nikolov with A-1H Skyraider from Tamiya
         II.  Aleksandar Tonchev with AC-47 Spooky from Italeri
         III.  Viktoria Peneva with F-86F Sabre from Academy

    B3: Military vehicles 1/72, 1/76

         I.  Denitsa Vodenicharska with Tiger from Zvezda
         II.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with Hotchkiss H38/H39

    B4: Military vehicles 1/35, 1/48

         I.  Ivailo Zarkov with M-72 from Zvezda

    B6: Ships

         I.  Ioan Zarkov with Heavy cruiser prinz Eugen from Revell

    B7: Cars

         I.  Radomir Miroslavov Stoinev with FRANCESCO from Zvezda

  Part „Advanced”

    C01-1: Helicopters

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with CH 47 Chinook from Trumpeter
         II.  Veselin Penev (McVess) with HH-60J Jayhawk 1/48 United States Coast Guard
         II.  Angel Popov with Mi-24V from Trumpeter
         III.  Dimitar Yanchev with Mi-6A Late version from Amodel

    C01: Propeller driven aircrafts and Helicopters 1/72 and 1/144

         I.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with F6F-3 Hellcat from Eduard
         II.  Veselin Penev (McVess) with Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina from Academy
         II.  Ioannis Stathakos with PBY-4 CATALINA from Academy
         III.  Themis Serbis with Bruster Bufalo from Hasegawa

    C02: Jet aircrafts 1/72 and 1/144

         I.  Dimitrios Kakogiannakos with MiG-21bis Fishbed-L from Eduard
         II.  Dragan Cvetic with MiG-23BN
         III.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with Tupolev Tu-22M2 from Trumpeter

    C03-1: Propeller driven aircrafts 1/32

         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Roland DVIa from Wingnut Wings
         II.  Valentin Petrov (valko-bg) with Fokker D. VII /Alb./ from Wingnut Wings
         III.  John Kalaitzoglou with Wildcat from Trumpeter

    C03: Propeller driven aircrafts and Helicopters 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Ioannis Giavasis with Ki-43I Hayabusa (Oscar) from Hasegawa
         II.  Metodi Metodiev (Metodi) with F1M2 Type Zero Observation Seaplane (Pete) from Hasegawa
         III.  Zacharias Zacharegkas with Spitfire Mk.Vb from Tamiya

    C04: Jet aircrafts 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24

         I.  Ioannis Giavasis with F-105D from Hobby Boss
         II.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with Heinkel He-280 V-7 from Eduard
         II.  Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with MiG-23 MF from Trumpeter
         II.  Veselin Penev (McVess) with Good Morning Da Nang! from Eduard
         III.  Ioannis Stathakos with F9F-2P "PANTHER" from Trumpeter

    C05: Civil airplanes - all scales

         I.  Dimitar Yanchev with Boeing 767-300 from Zvezda
         II.  Dimitar Dranovski with Il-18
         III.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with Boeing 747-8 from Revell

    C06: Wheeled military vehicles 1/72, 1/76

         I.  Veselin Naidenov (Vesselin) with GAZ 66
         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with M342 Dump truck from Academy
         II.  Simeon Ivanov (simo) with ZiL-157 from ICM
         III.  Krasen Georgiev with Sd.Kfz. 223 from Dragon

    C07: Tracked military vehicles 1/72, 1/76

         I.  Krasen Georgiev with AMX AC Mle.48
         I.  Svetoslav Tsankov (Academica) with AAV7A1 MICLIC from Dragon
         II.  Borislav Asenov with Pz. Kpfw. IV F1 from Hasegawa
         III.  Hristo Ivanov with MARK MkI "FEMALE" from Master Box

    C08: Wheeled military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Ivan Momcilovic with HM from IBG
         II.  Krasimir Semerdzhiev with M1070 Truck Tractor & M1000 HET Semi-trailer from Hobby Boss
         III.  Nectarios Fotopoulos with M-113A2 from Academy
         III.  Pano Troplev (masklin) with BTR-70 from Trumpeter

    C09: Tracked military vehicles 1/48, 1/35

         I.  Temenuzhka Antonova with Stalinets ChTZ-65 from Trumpeter
         I.  Ivan Momcilovic with 2S1 Gvozdika from Trumpeter
         II.  Dimitar Nikitov with Takom Renault FT-17
         II.  Georgi Chichkan (ge6ata 96) with 38M "Toldi I" from Hobby Boss
         III.  Athanasios Bozinis with E-10 from Trumpeter
         III.  Andrei Kostov (berkut47) with T-34/85 from Zvezda

    C10: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/72, 1/144

         I.  Petar Vidov with Me 262 A-1a from Revell
         II.  Velizar Velikov (Pepelnik) with Stalingrad
         III.  Andrei Kostov (berkut47) with "Zima" from ICM

    C11: Dioramas with military vehicles and/or aviation 1/35, 1/48

         I.  Aleksandar Iosifov (alexthegreat) with Iwo Jima from Dragon
         II.  Ivan Momcilovic with Stug III from Dragon
         III.  Angel Popov with F4U Corsair from Hobby Boss

    C12: Figures up to 60 mm height

         I.  Charalampos Thangopoulos with Njal stormcaller
         II.  Aleksandar Iosifov (alexthegreat) with Ork i goblin
         III.  Stefan Mitkov Popov (stefeca 96) with Frozen German Tanker

    C13: Figures over 60 mm height, Busts

         I.  Alexandros Ntakis with Markos Brotsaris from WS MasterPices
         II.  Charalampos Thangopoulos with Briton warrior from Pegaso
         III.  Chavdar Georgiev (shelby gt500) with Chervenokoskata

    C14: Cars, Trucks, Motocycles

         I.  Aleksandar Krantev (Ssasho0) with Lamborghini Aventador
         I.  Stanislav Stefanov (Stanislav) with SUZUKI GSX1100S Katana from Tamiya
         II.  Velko Atanasov with US Wrecker
         III.  Veselin Penev (McVess) with Cadillac Town Car from Italeri

    C15-1: Submarines

         I.  Stanislav Stefanov (Stanislav) with U-Boot Typ VII C/41 from Revell
         II.  Mario Andonov (Galactika87) with Nuclear Submarine K-141 Kursk from Hobby Boss
         II.  Dimitar Engibarov with Surcour from Hobby Boss
         III.  Ioannis Stathakos with GERMAN U-BOAT TYPE VIID from AFV Club

    C15: Ships

         I.  Mario Andonov (Galactika87) with USS Hornet CV 8 from Trumpeter
         II.  Dimitar Engibarov with USS Buchanan DD-484 from Dragon
         III.  Peio Angelov (pegasus88) with R.M.S. TITANIC from Minicraft

    C16-1: Sci-Fi Dioramas

         I.  Dimitar Dranovski with Cylon Raider, Colonial Viper Mk.II, Colonial Viper Mk.VII
         II.  Sotiris Malikiosis with empire vs skeletons from Citadel Miniatures

    C16: Sci-Fi, Space

         I.  Temenuzhka Antonova with LEVIATHAN CRUSADER
         II.  Dimitar Engibarov with Y-wing from Fine Molds
         III.  Peio Angelov (pegasus88) with TIE Fighter from Revell

    C17: Railway model

         I.  Doran Chernev with Broniran vagon s minohvargachka
         II.  Slav Stoanov with BDZh 04049
         III.  Sotiris Malikiosis with dampflocomotive BR86 from Trumpeter

    C18: Railway dioramas

         I.  Slav Stoanov with gara "Gavrailovo"
         II.  Slav Stoanov with Maket v kufar
         III.  Sotiris Malikiosis with BIG BOY LOCOMOTIVE from Revell

    Independent project

         I.  Darian Georgiev with Tramvaina motrisa "Sofia 70"

    "The best model from Balkan region forces" Cup

         Dragan Cvetic with Su-25

    "The best model from bulgarian forces" Cup

         Stanislav Petkov (Stenka) with MiG-29A (9-12)

    "WWI best model" Cup

         Emil Grupchev (Starshiata) with WWI na Balkanite - Doiran

    "The best of the show" Cup

         Mario Andonov (Galactika87) with USS ENTERPRISE CVN 65 from Tamiya
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